Houston’s Independent Testing Lab

DynaQual is an ISO 17025:2017 Accredited independent reliability test lab located in Houston. We have helped over 235 different customers in our ten years of business and are a NASA approved test vendor. Thank you for checking us out, we look forward to your next test!

We provide standardized and custom testing services and support to the following industries:

Oil & Gas     Aerospace     Medical     Transportation    Electronics     Defense


Who We Are

Our goal is to dramatically increase the reliability of electro-mechanical sub-assemblies during the design, development, and production phases.  Testing in both the Product Development and Production Screening phases is paramount in delivery of quality products.

Since 2012, we have successfully conducted testing services for more over 253 companies including:

  • Downhole Oil & Gas Equipment Reliability Tests
  • Aerospace and Medical Product Qualification
  • Transport Package Tests
  • Independent Evaluation of Competing Vendors Products
  • ATSM, MIL-STD, IEC, ISO, and other Test Specifications
  • Custom Test  and Design of Specifications

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30 / 07 2019

DynaQual aims to provide a professional testing environment to each of our customers and unique tests that we perform daily as an independent test lab.

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29 / 07 2019

One of the many professional testing services we provide here at DynaQual Test Labs is the ability to conduct Environmental Stress Screening on design and production units. Using standard environmental conditions, typically seen during use, allows the customer to screen a sample of products for reliability prior to going to the field.

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