31 / 05 2019

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Testing Profile: Eaton

DynaQual Test Labs has worked with customers like Eaton in testing a variety of products and today we want to highlight a specific product that they are offering that they have put through a rigorous testing regime in order to achieve the commitment to customer delivery they desire with every product. The Eaton Supercapacitors provide ultra-high capacitances with an electrochemical double layer capacitor, what they call the (EDLC).

Vibration testing at DynaQual Test Labs

During our testing with both Thermal and Vibration profiles were completed with the team. All the tests resulted in data captured and taken back for processing. Adherence to test, review, test and review again, results in superior production level manufacturing. Thats why we continue to recommend screening on all production level components to increase profitability and decrease warranty work for the manufacture.

For additional information on how this type of testing can benefit your organization request your own testing through our RFQ Page.

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