29 / 07 2019

DynaQual helps you decrease costs by increasing reliability.

Thermal Chamber for Environmental Stress ScreeningOne of the many professional testing services we provide here at DynaQual Test Labs is the ability to conduct Environmental Stress Screening on design and production units. Using standard environmental conditions, typically seen during use, allows the customer to screen a sample of products for reliability prior to going to the field. Testing the product function during use in Thermal or HALT chamber provides the test engineer instant information on product functionality. Additionally, monitored or not, long term thermal cycles help establish parameters for maintenance and useful life of the product.

During test preparation we work with clients to design test protocols that mirror the environment most likely seen during service. These can be narrowed down using life cycle testing in our HALT Chamber,  unless defined limits of product functionality are already established. For example, HALT thermal stress steps would be performed in heat and cold to establish baseline operation levels, followed by vibration step stress test to gather data on operation during vibration. Combined environment (thermal and vibration) gives the customer information vital for product data sheets, environmental conditions for use, and limits utilized in product screening (HASS).

Thermal Chambers provide humid or dry environments to mirror conditions Throughout your time at DynaQual Test Labs, the key outcome is that we provide professional, efficient, and robust testing for the best possible results. Clear goals and expectations are documented and notes taken during testing for reporting. This standard of precision is important for many of the customers we see and continue to be one of the driving forces behind our high customer referral rate. If you’d like more information regarding ESS (Environmental Stress Screens), HALT/HASS, or any additional testing that we might provide give us a call or email (Testing@DynaQual.com).

We look forward to stressing for you soon.

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