30 / 07 2019

Oilfield Basics Visit the Lab

Behind the scenes of what we do here at DynaQual Test Labs

Pneumatic Shock Machine for testing high level G shocks for product testing and reliability Today on the blog Derek Krieg with Oilfield Basics came to DynaQual to see the role of reliability testing in building quality and robust designs for use in the field. Derek wanted to see all that DynaQual Test Labs do here in Houston Texas to assist our Oil and Gas customers with reliability testing, and just what kind of tests we put products through.

Taking him through the facility I shared DynaQual vision to provide a professional testing environment to each of our customers. Regardless of the unique and insane requirements we perform daily as an independent test lab. Those include a variety of different test specifications, from transportation qualifications (ASTM, FedEx, MIL-STD-810G), life cycle testing, or even trying to replicate the extreme conditions downhole.

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Halt Chamber, Testing services, thermal cycling, vibration testing

In the video, produced by Oilfield Basics, you’ll see how our various services are used to test customers designs and technology to maximize reliability in the field. We know that by increasing reliability during R&D or prior to the field, we can save costs for the customer in downtime failures or troubleshooting.

I invite you to explore DynaQual through the lens of Oilfield Basics. Hopefully, besides seeing that I need to go on a diet, you will also discover the small role an independent test lab like DynaQual can play in reaching the bottoms of the deepest wells and the heights of space.

Check out the Oilfield Basics YouTube page for  this and more great content, and be sure to connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and directly through OilfieldBasics.com

As always, we look forward to your next test.


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