Pressure Testing

DynaQual Test Labs enables customers to perform crush (or burst) pressure testing within our secure Pressure testing room. Our test environment is prepared with the highest safety and test reliability in mind, giving customer real-time information on pressure and temperature and enabling powered and monitored pressure testing through our 19 pin Kemlon connection. If you have a project that requires pressure testing or a product screen we look forward to assisting you.

  • Service Description:  Hyperbaric Chamber
  • Dimensions:  6” internal diameter, 30” internal length
  • Pressure Rating:  35,000 psi
  • Temperature Rating:  ambient to +205°C (401°F)

Other Service Features:

  • A. Simultaneous data logging of temperature and pressure.
  • B. Oil or water medium provided
  • C. 19 pin Kemlon pressure feed-thru for product monitoring
  • D. All equipment is certified to ANSI standards


Chamber Heating Elements 205°C / 401°F

Pressure Control Cart with Data Logger

Preparing to test in our hyperbaric pressure chamber

Don’t see a test you require? DynaQual offers numerous other testing services not mentioned to meet test specifications. DynaQual Test Labs can add custom services for specific projects that are not shown here or will turn-key the added service with a partner lab to provide a seamless offering to our customers. Please use the inquiry form in the Contact Us tab to submit your request