Shock Testing

Classic Shock

Electro-Dynamic shaker systems are also designed to produce controlled shock profiles. What is very attractive about using this method is that the shock G level and pulse duration can be programmed and controlled very well. The limitation in this method, however, is in the short displacement of the moving armature which reduces the velocity required for high impact pulses. This fit-for-purpose method still allows for a good range of accelerations, pulse widths and shapes, depending on the product mass and required G level. ED shakers are not equipped to shock test products with inputs >200g.


Figure 4: Profile of a classic shock.

High Impact Drop – Shock Testing

Many products are subjected to potentially damaging shock during transportation, handling and deployment. DynaQual provides advanced shock and drop testing with its high-impact pneumatic shock system.

This system provides a wide range of shock profiles with very short to moderately long pulse widths (0.5mSec to 30mSec.) The acceleration levels can also be applied, covering a broad range (10g to +1000g).

Pneumatic shock testers differ from free fall testers in that pressure assisted system aids in applying higher G forces without the requirement to raise the product to high levels. Like other drop test type systems, the VST shock tester uses various types of landing cushions to control the pulse width and drop distance and pressure settings to control the G levels.


Figure 5: Typical shock profile from the Pneumatic shock system.



MPA714 / M748A
ED Shaker w/ 2’x5’ Slip Table
15,400 Lb.-F

Vibration Research Controller

VR-9500 – 8 Channels

Pneumatic Shock Machine at DynaQual


Pneumatic Shock System

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