Thermal Testing

We provide four different chamber options to fit your thermal testing needs wherever you are. We service local testing here in Houston, in the southwest region, and clients across North America looking for professional testing services for short and long term thermal testing projects.

DynaQual Test Labs provides temperature and humidity chambers for customers designing products to survive harsh environments or requiring quality control checks on manufactured products. During thermal testing customers can define their own specification for testing (dry or humid environments), or DynaQual can help you determine the most appropriate test profile for your product. Typical tests include:

Thermal Dwell (-70°C/-94°F  to +180°C/356°F)

  • Ideal for drying
  • Curing
  • Qualifying components for a set number of hours at temperature
  • Burn-in applications

Thermal Cycling (-70°C/-94°F  to +180°C/356°F) 

  • Determining the upper and lower limits of a product
  • Providing thermal stress cycle(s) to identify weak components or processes
  • Screen production quantities of product for latent deficiencies in build process
  • Life testing with cycling profiles that simulate your operating environment

Environmental Stress Screen (ESS)

  • Test potential manufacturing or design flaws in environmental conditions
  • Prolonged thermal cycles to test product robustness
  • Increase reliability by screening out latent failures over a condensed period of time.
  • Gather useful life cycle information for data sheets and customer pitches.


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Russells G-32 Elite

Humidity or Dry Chamber
-70°C to +177°C

(-94°F to +351°F)

Thermotron thermal chamber for temperature testing

Thermotron S-16

-70°C to +180°C

(-94°F to +356°F)

Don’t see a test you require? DynaQual offers numerous other testing services not mentioned to meet test specifications. DynaQual Test Labs can add custom services for specific projects that are not shown here or will turn-key the added service with a partner lab to provide a seamless offering to our customers. Please use the inquiry form in the Contact Us tab to submit your request.